I'm on a mission to transform lives and businesses with gratitude.

Meet Kim Angeli

Meet Kim Angeli, a visionary entrepreneur globally acclaimed for creating The Grateful Box®, The Grateful Method, Grumpy to Grateful, and Nextdoor Business Mastery Programs. As the CEO and Founder of Grateful Box, Kim passionately teaches business owners how to harness gratitude to transform their enterprises and cultivate devoted followings.

Kim's diverse career journey, from pioneering technology at Sprint to owning and selling her insurance agency, has equipped her to inspire grateful living worldwide. She's featured in esteemed publications, podcasts, and delivers impactful keynote speeches. Beyond her professional achievements, Kim enjoys family travel, boating, reading, and is an active member of the Rotary Family, dedicated to serving others globally. Join Kim Angeli in the pursuit of business transformation through gratitude, guided by her visionary leadership.

Want to Know How to Grow Revenue with Gratitude?

Kim's unwavering belief in the transformative power of gratitude is backed by its proven ability to enhance both personal lives and businesses. When you embrace gratitude in your business, you can expect to forge deeper connections with clients, foster loyalty, and ultimately boost your revenue.

Discover the concrete strategies for implementing this approach by watching our video, "How to Grow Revenue with Gratitude," where Kim delves into why gratitude is the key to long-term business success and how to maximize relationships with your top clients.

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Kim captivates audiences with her passion for gratitude-driven business transformation, inspiring listeners to unlock their full potential. Her engaging presence and profound insights make her a sought-after speaker who leaves a lasting impact on every audience she addresses.

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Grow your business and have fun! I am committed to helping service-based business owners grow a fun and profitable business they love. Where you are living a life by design and on purpose. I invite you to have a conversation with me about your journey to transform your business. Connect with me to learn more about Private Coaching.

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